NMPCE LASER Protection Supervisor (LPS) Training

What is Laser Protection Supervisor training?

Under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, employers conducting work with potentially hazardous sources of artificial optical radiation have a duty to provide appropriate training for their employees. These regulations also require employers to appoint one or more suitably qualified persons to oversee safety matters regarding those sources. This role is often termed as the Laser Protection Supervisor (LPS), and they oversee compliance with the laser safety measures set out in the employer’s Local Rules.

The purpose of our training course is to ensure that the attendee has a sound understanding of

  • the nature of optical radiation and its effects on the human body,
  • the legislation governing its use,
  • the basic principles of laser safety control measures

The training is suitable for new and existing LPSs and the attendee will benefit from discussions about the evaluation of laser radiation risks and the effectiveness of the existing controls in your workplace.  The attendee is also updated with practical solutions for conducting laser safety reviews, and briefed on the expectations of inspectors in relation to laser safety and compliance with the associated regulations.

How is training delivered?

The course is delivered in two parts:

– Part 1: The attendee has access to pre-recorded material concerning the theory and underpinning knowledge to support the Laser Protection Supervisor role. The view the learning material at their own pace; around their own schedule. Following the successful completion of an online assessment, the delegate is invited to the meeting for Part 2.

– Part 2: The attendee is invited to an online teaching session that covers regulatory requirements and best practices with practical applications, in small groups. The group session usually runs over a half-day and takes place online via Microsoft Teams.

The total study time for this course is approximately 7.5 hours.

What to do now

You can find more information and self-register at this website.

Laser Protection Supervisor (LPS) Training

Note that multiple part 2 dates are available, please ignore the March 31st date given on the initial page.


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