Success in Clinical Technologist Training Scheme

Congratulations to Lisa Moore and Asima Riaz from Imaging Physics and Radiation Safety (IPRS) who out of a national cohort of 17 other clinical technologist have successfully completed the IPEM’s latest Clinical Technologist training scheme. Lisa and Asima are now eligible to achieve registration on the Register of Clinical Technologists (RCT). 

National results of tonsillectomy safety published – Paediatric tonsillectomy in England: A cohort study of clinical practice and outcomes using Hospital Episode Statistics data (2008-2019)

The recently published analysis (doi:10.1111/coa.13707) of Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) is the largest study of paediatric tonsillectomy in England: including 318,453 procedures conducted over 11 years, with a median per-patient follow-up of 6 years. It reports that 98.7% of children experienced no in‐hospital complications but that rates of readmission for bleeding within 28 days are increasing; with significant differences in safety outcomes (bleeding, pain and return to theatre) identified between coblation and dissection tonsillectomy across the study period.

NMPCE Face Shields

The face shields developed and manufactured by NMPCE in response to COVID-19 have received an overwhelmingly positive response from staff within NUTH, including a thank you card from the Renal… Read more »