Welcome to the Northern Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering blog. The purpose of this blog is to be a reservoir of information, news, awards, publications, policies and other information to keep our stakeholders and our staff informed of the fantastic things we do. If you have any articles or information you would like published please send the text (preferably with pictures) to one of the editors in the contact list.

Northern Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering (NMPCE) is a Clinical Directorate of Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (NuTH). Our activities, in the fields of medical physics and clinical engineering, include providing clinical and scientific services, professional advice, teaching and training, and research and development. Our customers include acute NHS Trusts in the North East and North Cumbria, research funding organisations and national agencies. We employ a multi-disciplinary workforce including scientists, engineers, technologists and allied health professionals (AHPs), who provide services in the community, in the acute sector and for national programmes.

We provide over 30 distinct services in the fields of: clinical diagnostic services; mobility and rehabilitation services; quality assurance services; professional advisory and consultancy services; clinical engineering services; research, development and innovation; teaching and training.