International Success for IPRS PhD Student

Matt Birkbeck’s presentation on “Non invasive imaging of single human motor units” at the recent conference of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) received two separate awards:

1)      Best Body Diffusion – Oral Presentation

2)      Top 3 Musculoskeletal abstracts

Matt is currently working within the IPRS Unit at Freeman Hospital, providing support to clinical MRI, while on furlough from his PhD studies at the CAV. His full paper can be found here,motor%20unit%20morphology%20with%20age.

Congratulations Matt!

Kind regards

Dr Claire-Louise Chapple PhD CRadP CSci FSRP FIPEM

Head of Imaging Physics & Radiation Safety

Matt’s paper has subsequently been awarded the 2020 Herbert Jasper Young Investigator Paper Award, comprising certificate and cash award, to be presented at the next International Congress of Clinical Neurophysiology in Geneva 2022.