Want to train to be a Clinical Scientist who can work in Clinical Engineering?

We are seeking two trainee Healthcare Scientists to train in Clinical Engineering (specialising in clinical measurement and development) in the Northern Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering (NMPCE) Directorate of The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

 Clinical engineers can work anywhere that mechanical, electronic or software engineering overlap with healthcare. Depending on your background, skills and interests you could find yourself joining any one of these projects: making aids to support people with disabilities live a dignified life; designing electronics to help diagnose cardiac disease in the home; testing our own haemodialysis system in the paediatric Intensive Care unit; or writing deep-learning software to predict disease from a remote consultation. Therefore, applicants must demonstrate skills and experience in Engineering or Physical Sciences and show commitment to applying these in a healthcare setting.

The post-holders will be expected to complete the 3 year Scientist Training Programme (STP) supported by the National School of Healthcare Science (NSHCS). This will require part time attendance at King’s College London to complete an accredited Master’s degree in Clinical Science (Clinical Engineering) and completion of workbased competencies and assessments, prior to sitting the national final assessments run by the NSHCS at the end of the training period. On successful completion of training the individual will be able to register with the HCPC as a Clinical Scientist.

The aim of the STP is to produce graduates who will possess the essential knowledge, skills, experience and attributes required of a newly-qualified Clinical Scientist in the NHS. They will be competent to undertake complex scientific and clinical roles, defining and choosing investigative and clinical options, making key judgements about complex facts and clinical situations within a quality assurance framework.

 NMPCE is a partner within the Northern Training Consortium (NTC). The NTC supports approximately 20 STP trainees in Physical Sciences at various stages of their training. The NTC ensures there is a good trainee network and organises a number of trainee events including, mock final assessments, scientific paper presentation competitions and open days.

 Applications are invited from candidates with a first or second class degree in a relevant physical science or engineering subject. The ideal candidate will have experience or willingness to develop electronic, mechanical and software skills and share the values and behaviours as outlined in the NHS Constitution.

To apply, please follow this link: