NMPCE Physicist to represent GB&NI at the World Transplant Games

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Wayne Hartley represented the Newcastle Adults Transplant Team at the British Transplant Games in Leeds in July and came back with two medals. He now has his eyes on a bigger prize after being selected to represent GB&NI at the World Transplant Games in Perth, Australia. He has been asked to be the vice-captain of the ten-pin bowling team and will also be competing in the 100 m, 200 m, and 5km runs.

The World Transplant Games take place every two years and are supported by the International Olympic Committee. Due to the pandemic, the last time the games took place was in 2019 in Newcastle.  The sporting event represents the largest organ donor awareness event in the world, featuring a week of 17 sporting events. Team GB&NI will join over 2,000 other transplant athletes and live donors from 60 countries across the globe, making this the third largest multi-sport international event in the world.

Being given the opportunity to compete at such a prestigious event, representing his country, is a huge honour for Wayne. He is training hard and hopes his achievements can inspire others to get into sport to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

Wayne received a kidney transplant in 2006, which has enabled him to get back in to education, build a career, get into sport, and live a full life. Wayne hopes that his achievements at work and in the world of Transplant Sport can demonstrate the power of organ donation, and encourage people to ‘have the conversation’ to make their wishes clear to their loved ones.

Wayne is always happy to talk about organ donation and the Games, and is happy for you to contact him (w.hartley@nhs.net) if you want to learn more, have any questions, or wish to offer any support.