RREMS provide the Regional Spinal Injuries Unit with new demo powered wheelchairs

The Regional Rehabilitation Engineering Mobility Service (RREMS) have provided the Regional Spinal Injuries Unit at The James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough with a new fleet of demo-powered wheelchairs, consisting of an Aviva RX20 Modulite and TDX SP Modulite from Invacare and a Q200R and Q300M from Sunrise Medical.

From Left to Right: Shawn Hails (RREMS Rehabilitation Engineer), Keith Fawcett (RREMS Senior Rehabilitation Engineer), Mahreem Hussain (Spinal Injuries Occupational Therapist), Kimberley Deighton (Spinal Injuries Ward Physiotherapist), Martin Hirst (Head of RREMS)

RREMS have recently reviewed their powered wheelchair fleet and have introduced a complete new and modern range to replace the previous models, many of which the manufacturers had made obsolete or are planned to discontinue.

Condensing the fleet has allowed RREMS to focus on a higher model specification for the standard entry-level models through to the higher end complex powered wheelchairs for the more complex clinical needs, which can incorporate special controls, powered clinical features and postural support.

In order to give the patients on the Spinal Injuries Unit the greatest opportunity of successful rehabilitation and recovery, it made sense to also replace the aging demo powered chairs previously supplied by RREMS, with the core models from the new RREMS fleet. This would provide the patients on the Spinal Injuries Unit with the best opportunity to learn and adapt to the using the most up to date powered wheelchairs and control systems available through RREMS across the Northern Region.

Now, when the SIU Staff refer the patient onto their Regional Wheelchair Service for a powered wheelchair assessment, they can now state which powered wheelchair model the patient has been using during their rehabilitation, making the assessment process more effective for the patient and staff involved.

“The advances in the new fleet will aid our patients in their journey through rehabilitation and independence. Great to see.”

Stuart F, Service Manager, Neurosciences and Spinal Service at South Tees NHS Foundation Trust