Evolution of laser safety

As part of its role in providing support for laser safety regionally, NMPCE has produced a short video for health care professionals with any involvement in high power lasers. It does not replace existing training but shows how laser safety could be enhanced and may be useful as CPD.        

There is already adequate legislation and good safety guidance available for the medical laser sector and compliance with local safety related measures is generally good.   

But is that enough? 

One potential issue is how to keep laser safety fresh in people’s minds. Guidance indicates we should ensure laser safety culture is evolving – not standing still.  Ideally laser safety should always be a live issue for everyone concerned. This would be referred to variously as having “user buy-in”, “an effective safety culture” or “a human factors approach”.

How do we achieve that?

David Rawlings, our Laser Protection Adviser, discusses some measures that may be beneficial. The intended audience extends to any health care professional with an interest or direct involvement in medical laser work, although not all aspects discussed may be relevant to all individuals.

The presentation is around 9 minutes in length.