Lowering the Steaks

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Mechanical Engineering services were approached by business development, in conjunction with dementia nurses, to create an alternative to the standard hospital over bed table. 

The current design of all over bed tables on the market do not allow patients who require a floor level bed, for example those with delirium or dementia, to safely use them when the bed is set at floor level.  This leads to situations where the tables are put at the side of the bed at the lowest setting and these patients can’t see their meals and don’t feed themselves or the beds are raised to a level where the tables can be used and the patients are at serious risk of a fall. 

MES consulted with nurses and designed and manufactured a prototype that allows the table to be placed over the bed and patient at a low enough level to enable them to see what is on the table and feed from it. 

Business development has applied for and won AHSN funding award to develop a more streamlined prototype with some additional features that will address some criticisms made of the original design during its trial on the ward.  This prototype will then be taken to companies to attempt commercialisation.  

Nicky Dafter

Clinical Technologist